Babies Are Messy

Babies go through a lot of clothes. You think you're careful, that your kid won't decide to pee in the middle of a diaper change and soak his cute little outfit. Your kid wouldn't dream of spitting up SO much that his clothes are sopping. And of course, you're such a careful cloth diaperer that you NEVER have leaks. And all of this is, of course, completely impossible. So here are several more pictures of John in his cute little clothes today. John is a born CU fan. Actually, on game days the buffalo wranglers and the buffalo pass right by our house. John will be ready to watch Ralphie the buffalo this fall! This Wry Baby onesie was a shower gift from my advisor. John is REALLY sick of people asking if he's a boy or a girl. Just kidding, of course. John loves all the attention he gets when we go out.