John's Weekend

John had a very busy weekend. We checked out one of Golden's main tourist attractions, Buffalo Bill's grave. Really. There's a museum and everything. Here are John and Christian in their matching Mines gear on top of Lookout Mountain. We also had way too much fun with stuff that was supposed to be for older kids. We don't have any pictures, but we went to Mass at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It focused on Catholic Charities USA and we saw Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Sheridan and Bishop Tafoya. John was remarkably calm throughout the entire Mass and lots of people there thought he was a wonderful baby. This morning Christian ran the Boulder Backroads half marathon. Someone who passed me in the parking lot carrying a ton of stuff and pushing John at 6:45 a.m. in the cold weather said I should get the trooper award. But who needs it when your baby is this cute? Here's Christian waving to us as he finishes. And finally, to share all the joys of parenting with you, here's John covered in vegan cheese. Spit up completely out of the blue, no warning.