Today John slept through his first parade. We went to see the Mines homecoming parade in downtown Golden. The theme this year was super heroes. Some highlights: Here we are, watching the parade. The CSM marching band wears hard hats and flannel shirts. For some reason they're also dressed up as pirates. Go figure. You know it's a geeky engineering school when the villain on a float is an evil physics exam. This float required some on the fly re-engineering to fit under some street lights. Blaster is the school's mascot. The Newman Group, a Catholic student organization, had the Pope as their super hero. Although this theme could be interpreted as "Mines is such a tough school that the students are super heroes" I thought it might also be "We got too drunk last night to finish our float." After the parade we went up to Boulder. Here I am showing off my super power, the ability to nurse while walking. John is using his super power to be the first baby to climb the Flatirons. This is actually a map of Boulder County on the Pearl Street mall with miniature geographic features. What a wonderful day!