John's first Christmas (and the week leading up to it) was quite eventful! John met his great-grandparents. Everyone loves to chew on John's fists. Christian got him a lobster which we named Mr. Pinchy. We got flowers from Grandma and Grandpa! John got the bear. John got to see the wonder that is Christmas dinner for eighteen people and one baby. John and Daddy on Christmas Eve. John and Mommy on Christmas Eve. John fell asleep during the festivities. He woke back up for presents though. If I wasn't in front of my brother's face, this would be the best family picture! Christmas morning John played with some of his new toys. And he got a stylin' new bib. After all the excitement, John settled down to watch some basketball with Uncle Ross. Movies will be coming soon after we do some editing. Christian got a TON of footage of John's first Christmas!