Sleep sleep sleep

After an exciting morning with other moms and babies, John is happily sleeping.


John Francis' Dance Party

This is what we do most afternoons. Today it's Shonen Knife. Iko, iko, everybody let's go!

Every baby was kung fu fighting


Bunny Baby

Here's John in a bunny outfit. He's so sweet.


Extra Family

Since John is not exactly wealthy in ready made aunts and uncles, he's very lucky to have extra ones volunteer. Here he is modeling his new outfit from Aunt Melina.


John the Wonder Baby

Last night John slept from 11 until 1:30 and from 2 until 5:30. Six hours! I'm finally awake enough to post. Here's John on Christian's lap in his duck outfit. And here's John in his new acquisition, the baby papasan chair. He's such a wonderful baby.


Sleep Monkey

Here's John this morning after a night of NOT SLEEPING. Blah. Let's try to get some rest today, huh John?


Model baby

Here's John, modeling the almost finished baby hat. I just need to knit the little bear ears and sew them on the top and I'll have finished a knitting project post baby!

Back to the Future

By shopping for onesies at the annual baby rummage sale you can learn a lot about what baby wear designers were putting on onesies about five years ago. Here's a prime example -- John looks like he's ready to go to his job at the Dippin' Dots kiosk down at the mall!


Growing Baby

John is outgrowing some of his tiniest onesies so we're going for the baggy look. I'm thinking these will fit for a while. And this continues to be the blog for gritty, true-to-life baby reporting. See that spitup above his shoulder? No way that's enough of a reason to change the sheet while he's sleeping!


JF + camcorder = fun

Here's a movie we filmed today of JF. He's quite photogenic. Link here for the QuickTime film. Don't have QuickTime? Here's the link from Apple for the free player: QuickTime Player.


Fashion baby

John is growing so fast I want to make sure I get him to wear everything in his zero to three month wardrobe. So here's a duck outfit. :) And here's the ever popular finger grab.


Baby Bulk Up

If I didn't know better, I'd think that John had been sneaking out to eat at GNC. He was supposed to have regained his birth weight (8 lb. 4 oz.) by today's checkup. Since he'd been jaundiced, I was wondering if he'd make weight. Not only did he regain his birth weight, but then some! He's now 8 lb. 10.5 oz. and 20.5" long. What a good eater!


Dress Up

John is way too much fun to dress!

Bug Baby

This outfit (which is size 0-3 months, can you believe how huge it is?) has a little patch that says "my bug collection." All day yesterday Christian called John his bug collector. Both of my guys are so sweet!


Sleepy baby

Yet another face I'm working on getting a non-blurry picture of.

The many faces of John

This, although blurry, is my favorite John face. Here is John showing off his second chin that we're both working so hard to fatten up. John reaching for the camera. No, John, you're not old enough to start destroying our stuff yet. John dancing like the crazy party baby that he is.



John is the proud owner of a brand new belly button. It's not quite done yet, but he's SO much easier to change and feed now. And we're figuring this whole cloth diapering thing out, too. Last night's cosleeper sheet stayed dry ALL NIGHT! Small victories make for much happiness.


First Mass

John had his first day out in the sling carrier today. He slept through an entire Mass. Good boy!


In the Pink

John is quite less yellow and is happily feeding away on me. The horrible bottles and horrible bottle washing are over! He isn't always quite sure what should be latched onto though.


John hits the bottle

Due to the weird feedback loop of jaundice-sleepiness-lazy feeding and the subloop of lazy feeding-poor latch-Mom in pain-anxiety for baby, John has hit the (doctor mandated) bottle pretty hard. He'll probably be on it for a day or two until his color improves. In the meantime all I have to do is rest and pump while Christian has graciously volunteered to do all of the bottle cleaning and bottle feeding. To keep things clear in his five-day-old mind, John should never associate me with bottles. Just as well, since we'll soon be back to the breastfeeding trenches.



John and Dad John and Grandpa John and Grandma


Welcome home!

John Francis July 1, 2004 10:57 p.m. 8 lb. 4 oz., 20" We're a family now!