If you didn't know better...

...you'd think we were stoners. Christian, in a very scientific manner, decided that if bath toys stick to the tub, they might well stick to John. They did.

John didn't seem to mind at all.
In fact, he did a Josephine Baker impression.
(New at John's blog -- all pictures are now cropped to 4x6, so what you see is what you'll get when you print!)

Sundance here we come!

Click on the titles to see the latest from my little movie star! Shake Your Booty (50 seconds) John's Alphablankie (1 minute, 13 seconds) Backing Up (1 minute, 26 seconds) Flip Bit (25 seconds) Drum Set (2 minutes, 18 seconds)


Another day, another diaper

John finally fell asleep yesterday when I put him under a quilt.

Here's John modeling some new clothes from his Grandma Louise. Thanks!

Adventure baby

John and I walked to a new coffee shop just to get out of the house the other day. Everyone there liked John.

John is trying so hard to crawl. He can sometimes get up on his hands and knees and shake his butt back and forth, but no moving just yet.


This can't be January...

...because I feel so warm. John went to the park the other day and had some assisted trips down the slide.

He's also found incredible new toys. John will never be bored!


Bunny party!

I knit John a bunny today during his nap. He likes it.

John can flop himself around once he's on the ground, but he has trouble going from sitting to laying on his front. Sometimes he'll do it by falling over sideways, but when he forgets that technique, he'll just get stuck like this.


Semi-New Blankie

I made this blanket for John when I was pregnant. I used it the first few months and then it was horribly stained after the dishwasher in the new apartment started leaking through the walls into the linen closet. I finally made up my mind to fix it and dyed it light blue. The stains are barely noticeable and the alphablankie is back in use!


Swim Baby

John and Christian are taking a baby swim class on Saturday mornings. John can hold onto the edge of the pool and stay up all by himself.

I like to assume that the chlorine kills all the germs on these toys.
John tried to make a run for it (a swim for it?) and get away from Christian.
Dads do things with babies that moms would never do.


Nothing can come between a boy and his lobster

John is happy to nap in the back of the car as long as he has Mr. Pinchy.


More more more!

John is in baby prison. For a while he was also trying to chew on the crib.

I don't think that John agrees with the "back to sleep" public awareness campaign. During this nap I repeatedly flipped him to his back -- he promptly returned to this position.

Scooting Johnlet

John can scoot backwards but not forwards. He trapped himself under the couch a few nights ago.


Blog vacation

John's blog is going to be taking a vacation for a few weeks while my computer is in California for repairs. Christian's computer is being used to write a thesis, which sort of takes priority. Rest assured the moment the computer is back, the blog will resume.


It's been a busy day

John has tried jarred bananas and they don't seem to have made a big hit.

He apparently likes feet of stuffed bears much better.
And with all of this excitement about bears and bananas, John cannot bring himself to sleep even though it's quite late.


A potential career?

I think John has the makings of a professional wrestler. He's already got a costume of sorts (gray camo and the red boots) and just look at the way he's going to town on Love to Walk Baby Pooh!

New things!

John is trying to crawl. He totally doesn't have it together yet and it's so fun to watch him.

He also made the rounds at the knitting meetup last night. How fun!


Seafood extravaganza!

Although he lives in the Rocky Mountains, John has developed a taste for seafood as opposed to more traditional infant fare. Here's John trying to catch crabs (in the food sense):

Are you really supposed to eat crabs this way?
Here he is trying to get the clam:



I ran the Lafayette Oatmeal 5k today. Replacing the typical pre-race ritual was some pre-race nursing.



Who are you and what are you doing taking a picture of me? John sometimes isn't quite with it after a nap...


Six month checkup

John weighed in today at 21 lbs. 10.5 oz., 27.5" tall. Here he is in his crib that he thinks is for playing, not for sleeping.


Bears and bears and bears, oh my!

John recently fell in love with his crib mobile. He'll squeal when he sees us winding it up.


Warm and cozy

It's cold and snowy outside, but toasty inside!


Nothing but fun here!

John's fitting into his 12 month pajamas. He looks so adorable in red.

John loves the cats. The cats aren't quite sure about John.


One movie down, a billion to go

Here's one movie we've edited down from Christmas. Hopefully we'll be done with more soon. Click to see it!

Six months and the best toy ever!

Here's John on his six month birthday yesterday.

We're suckers for baby toys. This is the Jumperoo, the modern doorway-free version of the Johnny Jump-Up. John LOVES this toy.


Happy half birthday!

John is half a year old today! I can't believe it's been six months since he was born. He celebrated on New Year's Eve by playing with his Gobble 'N Go Hippo.

We tried the whole solid food thing, but John didn't seem too happy about that. We'll try again later.