Lights! Camera! Action!

Here's John in a great Gymini action shot.


Bath Time


We match!

John and I have matching hats. A closeup of my tiny sweetlet in the sun.


So peaceful!


Baby Pants

I think baby pants on a cloth-diapered baby look so funny, but still so cute.


Blue Hawaii

Here's John, sporting some stylin' gear from Louise.


More blogging about John

Read this!


Contented Baby

John is sleeping, content as can be.



My two ragemonkies in their matching ragemonkey gear.

Just Duckie

It's finally cold enough for duckie overalls! John has figured out how to suck on his fist.


High Roller!

John rolled over this morning, luckily on a day I took off from work. He did it once for me, then another time for Brynne. We'll take a film of it and post it on here!

Olympic Baby

John has been insipired by all of the olympic coverage to play with his Gymini. A few days ago he discovered the octopus toy and last night he was playing with almost every toy dangling from the arches. This is just so cool to watch and it will soon be the subject of a short documentary.


Family Fun

John got to meet his grandma!



John is a happy baby!


Wake up!

This is John early in the morning, saving himself from the ire of sleepy parents with extraordinary cuteness.


Baby Tricks

John can hold his head up so high! John can dance!


Rated G

Here's some clean fun for the whole family. We made sure you can't see anything in this picture.


Baby Noises

Baby Noises -- the latest from the Sutton Film Collective. Rave reviews are expected at Cannes.

Click on the picture for the movie.

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Now with friendlier commenting!

We changed to Haloscan commenting. You don't need to put in an email address or a URL, but you can put in your name for easy comment recognition. You should also be able to have your computer remember you whenever you comment so you don't need to type your name in every time. Let's hope this works out!

Life in the Front Range

The temperature varies so greatly here from night to day. Here's John dressed for our morning walk in the Chariot so he doesn't get cold. And here's what he's dressed in by lunchtime because it's so warm.

John's Favorite

This is apparently John's favorite way to lay. I put him on the couch next to me like this quite often and he always snuggles toward my leg. How sweet...


Three for the price of one

Here's John yesterday and today. John fell asleep about three minutes after the today picture. Awww...


Very Hard Work

Seeing as how being baptized was the hardest thing John's done since he was born, he is taking a well deserved rest on the couch with me this afternoon.


John was baptized today! The blurry picture is due to the low lighting in the church and the no flash during the service rule.


Babies Are Messy

Babies go through a lot of clothes. You think you're careful, that your kid won't decide to pee in the middle of a diaper change and soak his cute little outfit. Your kid wouldn't dream of spitting up SO much that his clothes are sopping. And of course, you're such a careful cloth diaperer that you NEVER have leaks. And all of this is, of course, completely impossible. So here are several more pictures of John in his cute little clothes today. John is a born CU fan. Actually, on game days the buffalo wranglers and the buffalo pass right by our house. John will be ready to watch Ralphie the buffalo this fall! This Wry Baby onesie was a shower gift from my advisor. John is REALLY sick of people asking if he's a boy or a girl. Just kidding, of course. John loves all the attention he gets when we go out.

Too big and soooooo cute!

I decided to make John my fashion model baby this morning and had him model some overalls that are a little on the big side. Baggy clothes on babies look so adorable!


The Many Faces of John, Part II

Here's pensive thinking John. And tongue sticking out John.


Mr. Crankypants

John is cranky this morning for some unknown reason. Look, he even looks cranky in his sleep.


I'm awake! Play with me!

John is more and more alert all the time!


John's One Month Birthday Party

Thrilling fun was had by all! Christian and I had a grownup dinner. Honey-ginger-lime marinated grilled pork, grilled peaches, Inca red quinoa. It was wonderful and made me remember why I like cooking. We also had a tiny bear-shaped cake. John just had milk. He actually slept through his entire birthday dinner. A little blurry in the dim light, but adorable none the less.

Happy one month birthday!

John is one month old today. And one month olds can go in the Chariot stroller with the infant sling. Fun!