Moving online

We're moving -- John's new blog.


Bitroy was here


On the go!

John's a busy baby. He now has five teeth. With five teeth, you can eat bananas all by yourself.

I apparently saw too many episodes of Reno 911 while pregnant, because John can do this.
With John's new self-feeding skills, large bibs come in very handy.
As one passerby put it today, "That baby is maxin' and relaxin'!"


It's so great I had to post it twice

Although it was for my knit blog, here' s more John! I finished up a cap for the Dulaan Project. I knit hats when I have nothing else brainless to knit, so I have a large collection of never worn hats that will be finding a new home. John does not like to wear hats, so here he is modeling the hats and explaining in his own way why they're much better off being sent to children who will actually wear them.

Knit Night

John likes to go to knit night, since he gets to stay up late. Here he is with Stephanie (who knew Christian in college) who is making her very first sock.



What started off as scary hail and thunder has turned into peaceful, quiet snow. Here's John enjoying a day inside in the ExerSaucer.


Happy eight month birthday!

John's eight months old today and he showed us what eight months old can do. Open drawers and pull out folded clothing!