Bear butt!

This is one of my favorite outfits right now -- see how it encourages me to give John more tummy time so I can see that little furry bear?



John's taking this pre-teething thing very seriously.



John is completely passed out on my lap. Time for knitting.


Milk Drunk

Oh happy long weekend of eating! John got in on the eating action and is trying to sit up while full of milk. And here's what we've been eating since Thursday.



As long as we prop him up leaning a bit forward, John's all about sitting.


Happy Thanksgiving!

John has a lot to be thankful for, including a fun Daddy who carries him around on his shoulders and even agrees to stay still for a picture after John spit up on his head.


While John Was Sleeping

This is was John would be wearing had he been a girl. He's kindly agreed to model it while napping. I got this super cheap on the Carter's clearance and I figure since my brother and I both want large families, I'll eventually have a daughter or a niece I can give this to.


Puppy Love

John is madly in love with a toy puppy from his Uncle Ross. It's the only toy he'll try to grab after he's thrown it.


Oh you have no idea!

I never knew how much fun it would be to put things on John's head and then take pictures.



After a tough day of being a baby, John kicks back in his Boppy.


Cool baby inventions

John has these awesome sleep sacks that take the place of a blanket. Here he's showing the double bagged baby look, with a bag sleeper underneath the sleep sack. He's so warm now when he wakes up in the morning with no more of this it's 2 a.m. and I'm chilly stuff.


What a helpful baby!

John is helping me, umm, personalize some Christmas knitting.



John is showing us how much he loves books by grabbing his fabric cat book and flailing. Okay, so he does the same thing with diapers and spitup towels, but it's a step in the right direction.


John has mad skills

During a diaper change today John tried to eat this bird on his Gymini. He's also working on sitting, but he's not so sure about it yet.



John is clearly indicating his non-vegetarian tendencies, first shown in utero by my otherwise inexplicable meat cravings, by chewing on a toy chicken.


Bag Baby

Here's John in his little hooded bear bag-bunting.


First Zoo

We went to the Denver Zoo, mostly to see penguins and polar bears, but the entire zoo was quite beautiful. As an added bonus, Christian carried John the entire time! Here's John in that most wonderful of inventions, the baby backpack.


Crazy fun

John decided laying like this was fun last night. He also got to see what it was like to be the tallest one in the house.


Ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it

This morning John and I expanded our horizons by considering modern American cultural diversity and we even learned some Spanish! Now doesn't that sound like I'm the perfect mom? Actually, we listened to "Jock Jams" while we danced around the living room. This fine college-era CD features lovely music by such artists as Coolio, Four Non-Blondes, Los Del Mar (there's the Spanish part -- the Macarena!) and even the Village People. Who can say that's not an educational experience? :)

Happy four month birthday!

John is four months old today and he's also seeing his first snow! We tried to move his arms and legs to make a snow angel, with questionable results. John's thumbs are apparently so tasty that no one can resist them.