Fun with cats

Emma will let John pet her if she's gently persuaded.

We decided that since he's crawling now, he needed some ID so he'd be returned to us if he got out.


John's growing up!

Today Christian and John went for a run all by themselves for an hour. John chattered away for the first half and then fell asleep. He woke up when they got home to pose for a picture.


What passes for a fun night here

Here are Christian and John having a great time in the bath. Note Christian's lovely two-liter of sparkling water. The Canada Dry was on sale with the Sooper Card.


At the races

Christian took these pictures of John and the bear last night. It reminds me of the little race track rabbit you'd see in cartoons.


John's cleaning the floor, his beat is correct

John likes the new Beck video. He's so much hipper than those Boohbah babies.

The only problem we can come up with is that we'll be playing a game when he's a toddler and this will happen: John, what does the kitty say? Meow! What does the cow say? Moo! What does the robot say? Biatch!

Vegas, baby!

The loosest slots in Colorado are right here -- look at this winner!


Give Peas a Chance

John has been going along with the feeding routine and doing great with solids. Tonight he decided to throw a wrench in the works and decorate his tiny head with peas.


Attack of the Giant Baby

John is growing too fast. I can't even pretend that any 6-9 month sized clothing fits him any more. I also had to increase the height adjustment on his ExerSaucer and Jumperoo. So here's my tiny giant, crawling across the bed to me.

And here he is trying to get the camera.



John wishes everyone Happy Valentine's Day!

Stand up!

John can pull himself to standing in his crib! Watch out, world! Stand (56 seconds)


Sew Up Bee

John, Christian and I went to the Mason-Dixon Knitting Afghan sewing bee hosted by Stacey today. I sewed while Christian played with John. Here's John modeling one of another baby's toys as a hat. He's pretending to be a Cossack!

John also got in on the afghan action.


Feeding Fun

Here's the first time we ever tried to feed John. The First Supper (1 minute, 2 seconds)


Hot Fun in the Wintertime

Here's John sitting on his hippo toy. Eventually it'll be a velocipede of sorts, with John pushing it along with his feet.


The latest and greatest

It was so warm at the pool we couldn't get a steam-free picture.

We fed John peas. They are stain-tastic.
John was so sleepy the other night he slumped over and crashed.


Baby you can drive my car

Good thing babies can't drive -- that getting sleepy in the car thing would be a real problem.

John likes to chew on absolutely anything, especially now that his top gums are starting to swell. How much longer until John has four teeth?

Movie time

John and Christian both have a cold so we're laying low this week. Here's some vintage footage from December 2004 I finally edited today. Bonus points to you, Mom, if you can name the band before the credits roll. Aubrey Francis & John Francis (1 minute, 25 seconds)


Diaper change

Since John's become more of a roller it has been almost impossible to change his diaper without a fight.


Happy seven month birthday!

John can hold himself up on a chair for quite a while now. Just look at the cuteness and ignore the mess. :)

He still looks a little uncertain about it sometimes though.

Ken Burns

There's a tool in iMovie called the Ken Burns effect for still photos. So I made another movie of sorts. Newborn (2 minutes, 49 seconds) Happy birthday, John -- seven months sure has made a huge difference!

Double Feature

Christmas Eve (2 minutes, 12 seconds) Christmas Day (1 minute, 56 seconds)